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Welcome To Inoviea Marine

Our marine division caters to the merchant marine and naval defence industry by providing innovative technical, management and marketing solutions to the stakeholders.
We are helping stakeholders in the merchant marine and naval defence industry transform themselves from loss making to profit making, from low profits to high profits and from high profits to optimising returns and investments.


Services we offer in Marine

  • Technical Services

    • Concept Design, Basic Design & Detailed Design
    • Maestro based structure design
    • Structure Design & Analysis
    • Drawings and Videos
    • Surveys
    • Procurement
    • Solar Energy Solutions
    • ERP Solutions
    • Website & Mobile Apps/IETMs
  • Management Services

    • Organisational Diagnostics
    • Financial Analysis & Restucturing
    • Knowledge Management
    • People & Process Transformation
  • Marketing Services

    • Market Research
    • Marketing Plans and Marketing Services
    • Policy Analysis and Development

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Cruise Ships

War Ships

Coastguard Ships




Offshore structures

Marine Infrastructure



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